I must be from Boulder

So one of the things I have been doing this past 9 months or so is yoga. I know, I’m from Boulder of course I do yoga, eat granola, and drive a subaru, but anyone that knows me knows I do yoga eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and drive a Honda. Although yoga has become a trendy thing to do over the last decade or so I have really found value in it for my running.

As a life long swimmer I have extremely tight hips and hip flexors, which goes with fast running like a cheeseburger and weight loss. So, I tried doing some yoga to see if I could just loosen things up a bit. Started doing it once a week last fall, twice a week over the winter, and I still am getting into a session any Saturday morning that I am in town. I really think it has helped me stay healthy and be able to train better day in and day out on the run.

There are so many thoughts on yoga, and stretching and massage that it is hard to keep up with what actually works. My personal experience points to a little of each, just like Mom said everything is ok in moderation. Namaste

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