Swim toys are fun

So after the race on Monday this week has been a bit of a recovery week. Trying to get the body ready for some more good training before Alcatraz in a couple weeks. Legs have been feeling pretty good, although did a tough swim workout last night, about 7,300 yds, which was a nice shocker to the system. Then tonight played around a bit in the pool for workout. Did a normal warm up and then did a set where we did a 100 effort, 100ez, 200 effort, 100ez, 300 effort, 100ez. The catch was that the efforts were done with paddles and a parachute. Not the standard tri swim practice I know, but an effective way to work on some power in the stroke.

Afterwards went out to the rez to work with the Fast Forward triathlon group. We normally have them come into Rally once a week for some pool work but this week we were getting used to the open water again. Got to try out my new Blue Seventy Helix, which is ridiculously fast, and spent some time with the crew working on sighting and drafting.

Planning on doing another crit this Sunday, hopefully staying rubber side down this time. Be a good chance to fire up the legs again and work on my bike handling for the ITU stuff.

Finally wanted to say hi to three friends I made while I spent the winter in Kansas City. Spent some good nights playing guitar hero and watching movies. Hi Aidan, Patrick, and Connor…keep up the good work in the pool!!

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