Victory #1…

So this weekend was huge for Without Limits Racing. The production guys put on a great race in Longmont, got huge numbers and rave reviews. Kristen went down to PATCO and took advantage of the opportunity to get some experience in the ITU racing and wet the appetite for the rest of the season. I went down to Memphis and threw down a pretty solid race and came away with my first pro victory.

Gotta admit it feels pretty damn good to win a race. The weekend was great. Had an awesome homestay with Tom O’Kelly, made the trip a breeze and even dropped me off at the airport early this morning. Also props to the Start 2 finish guys for putting on a great race. Definitely one of the smoothest races I have been to and considering they send off 1700 age groupers 3 seconds apart for the time trial start, its pretty impressive.

This was the first year they have done the pro race after the age groupers so we went off at 10:30. Tom however, was going off early so we got to the race about 5am. Gotta admit its the first time I have ever brought a pillow to a race, but sleeping in the back of the car for a couple hours was just what I needed. Had a solid warm up and the day got a little warmer by the time we were up, but the wind was still howling. They said it was 30 mile an hr winds with gusts up to 45 during the whole race. Made for a bit of a choppy swim on the lake and then a brutal bike. Wind seemed to always be coming at you, but my legs held up well and I had a really solid ride. Having that Specialized TT is making a huge difference. Then the run was good, not great, but solid enough. Got some gnarly blisters on my feet but ran fast enough to win. Gotta anti-climactic to cross the line though because then you have to sit around and wait for everyone to finish before you find out how you did. Would have sucked to lead the whole race and then not win.

Great weekend on the whole, psyched with the way the team did and the way my form is coming along. Stoked about heading to Austin this weekend for my first ITU of the season and see if I can put my improved bike to work and cause some havoc down there.

Oh and since its the Lakers we got…Nuggets in 7

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