Doing work

The last two days have been solid training days. The weather in Boulder has finally stabalized, at least for now, and we have had sun and 70. Yesterday we hit the track and had a good little session with some more speed than we have been doing. It was nice to do some 200’s and let the legs go a bit, and I had a really good workout. Form is staying in tact and in flats on the track running fast my feet at least isn’t getting worse so that’s a plus.

Then today was Wednesday so we normally are in the pain cave up at BCSM but the weather was nice so we headed to south Boulder to do some work on the hill leading up to NCAR. It’s a fairly steady climb with a couple steeper pitches and ends with a real gradual finish. From where we were starting today it was taking about 9:20 to get up. We were doing the work at 10% above LT so not killer but it was working the legs a bit. I felt good, very in control, and now I am jsut really psyched to finally get my power tap, hopefully tomorrow, so I don’t have to cheat off of Lance’s and my HR monitor to try and gauge the efforts.

Good couple days, feeling good, getting excited to head to Memphis next week.

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