Rabbit Mountain TT

So today was another chance for me to get in some work on the TT bike in an 11k time trial that goes along highway 66 and then heads up to the top of Rabbit Mountain. Its not really much of a mountain, but the final 500 meters of the climb are 13% grade, so it gets a bit rough near the finish.

Since I am new to the cycling world, just got my ACA license two days ago, I am a cat 4 everything, which today meant we had to get up early and go first. Normally, it wouldn’t have been a big deal but today it was about 40 degrees when I woke up and I would say right around 45 when I raced at 7:41. Not ideal cycling weather. So all bundled up in leg warmers and long sleeves I warmed up a bit on the trainer in the parking lot before heading to the start line. The legs felt decent but in hind sight I probably could have used some more easy riding a couple more efforts to get the hr up and the legs firing.

The race started fine, kind of cool actually hearing the clock tick away the last five seconds and then someone pushing you, unfortunatley there was no start house. First 3 miles to the turn went well although this is the first time I have ridden a TT fresh legged and I didn’t really know how hard to go. It will be great to get the powertap so I know a bit more of what I am doing effort wise. Made the turn and tried to just turn the screws all the way to the top. Past a couple people on the last climb and finished in a respectable 17:28. Nothing fantastic, solid effort for the cold and good enough to win the Cat 4’s. I got a sweet medal and now maybe I can get into the cat 3’s.

Then Lance and I hit the res for a nice little 80 minute run, felt ok just needed some more food going in. Legs have come around from the race and looking forward to a solid couple weeks training before Memphis in May on the 17th.

On another Without Limits front, Jimmy was 33rd at Wildflower yesterday which was a solid effort considering some back trouble on the bike, and Kristen DNF but had a good swim and bike to start it out.

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