Slow recovery…Power tap

This week has a been a bit of a rough one. I know it is the first race of the season and putting in that kind of effort only happens on race day, but for my legs to still be feeling it on Thursday of the next week seems a bit extreme. Now I will admit that after Tuesday the workouts haven’t really been easy, but just getting through our big swim session tonight without totally cramping was a challenge. Although I will say that the Cep compression socks I have been wearing have been doing good things for the calves. Now if only I had something that could fix my quads.

On a less painful note, I ordered my first ever power meter today. I am actually really excited to finally have one on my bike for the rides outside because having been taking the scientific approach for the last few months and not having power all the time has been a bit wishy-washy. I really love having it in the pain cave on Wednesdays up at BCSM, so having it everywhere will be great. Its only a training wheel for now, but hopefully I can build up a race wheel later on.

Racing an 11k time trial up Rabbit Mtn on Sunday, should be a nice little prelude to the long run. Neal was talking a bit of smack on Wednesday so hopefully I can continue riding well on the TT bike and lay it on him.

Go Nuggets…finally into the second round!

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