Race week…finally

So today I am looking out the window to sun and 60 degrees. The last three days it has been 30 something and snow/sleet/rain. Whoever was sitting around Boulder these last couple weeks saying that we needed “moisture” for the grass, well I hope they are satisfied. After riding inside the better part of the last week it will be great to get outside tomorrow! I was supposed to do a TT here in Boulder yesterday but due to the weather it was canceled, so Jimmy, Kristen, and I went up to BCSM and did a simulated one, followed by a tough brick run. Ride went ok, legs are a bit fried but the run went well and felt pretty solid. I still feel like my form is ever improving and the foot, well its still attached so I guess thats good enough for now.

Race week is finally here so should be a bit of an easier week which will be nice but I am excited to be heading to St Anthony’s on Friday. Somehow the team lucked out and all four of us going are staying at a house that is a couple blocks from the race which will be great. Hopefully the wonderful lady that is hosting us doesn’t decide four pro’s at a big race is a bad idea. We will be on our best behavior I promise.
T-minus 6 days till race day, should be a good one. As usual the field is huge on the guys side, 53 at last check, and all the big names are rolling to Tampa so will definitely be a good test of where I am at. 
On other fronts:
– The Nugs are in the playoffs with a decent team…maybe we can win a series, maybe
– The Red Sox are finally back to .500 hopefully gets better from here
– The Dutch are taking out Pirates in Somalia…awesome
– I have to shave my legs…damn

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