Itching to go

So about halfway through another really good training week I have decided that it is time to race. Unfortunately, I will not be racing for another 3 1/2 weeks. Training has been going really well, had a good session in the Pain Cave yesterday with a bunch of short VO2 Max efforts and some longer LT threshold stuff, and followed that with a good brick run. Then today hit the treadmill, by the way what is up with this snow in April, and went 7x1k repeats alternating 10k and 5 k pace. It put a dent in the legs, and now I am going to go swim some 7,000 yds but it was a good workout none the less.

Starting to get really psyched about the season starting and also getting on our new bikes. They should be coming in today or tomorrow and it will be great to be getting on a new ride. On a side note the US soccer team looked awesome yesterday, and march madness is still in full swing so it will be another great weekend of sports. My bracket is completely busted so I am jumping on the ‘Nova bandwagon…Go Wildcats!

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