Another solid week

Just finished another solid week of training and now am really starting to get antzy about racing. Right now I am still a full month out of St Anthony’s and dying to get out and see where I am at. I will try and get some more running races in before then but it will definitely be nice to throw down and see whats what at this point.

Good week of training though. Spent Wed in the pain cave doing 2 min VO2 max efforts and then a long lt rep and then on Thursday Jimmy found the steepest hill in Boulder and we sprinted up that 10 times. It was needless to say a rough couple of days of speed followed by an easier day Friday. That led us into the long weekend, went 4 hours on the bike yesterday. Rode down to Lyons, then up to Raymond and then around for a bit to get to the 4 hr mark. The weather this weekend has been absolutely amazing, about 75 and sunny, and loved every minute of it. Felt really good climbing up to Raymond, just using a HR monitor since I still don’t have power but staying in my mid range zone but was well over LT power and feeling awesome.

This all leading up to my favorite part of the week, Sunday long run, and when I say favorite I am just trying to be positive, because its the thing I need the most, and I am getting much better at it, but its still really hard. We went 1:45 today down around Marshall Mesa, great weather, and felt good for most of it. Having Jimmy and Lance to run with is definitely making it a lot easier to put in the correct effort, which doesn’t always feel good.

Also bikes seem to finally be lined up, and we got all of our Blue Seventy stuff last week, so looking forward to my first race in a speed suit!

I love march madness!

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