Runnin of the Green Lucky 7k

Well I can definitely say that today was a much better race. Jimmy and I went down to D-Town today for a 7k in the heart of downtown. The race was pretty cool, lot of people and a solid field. Gotta love Denver/Boulder, someone can put up a 25 dollar gift card and pro runners come out of the wood work. I had planned on going out controlled and building into it, but that never really works and just did what I could to stay relaxed and focus on my foot and my hips being in the right place. All went well, ended up in 24th with a 24:02. That comes out to 5:31 pace which is the equivilent of a 34:21 10k, and after the week of training we did I am confident that I can do that off the bike especially since I race at sea level and that will be good. I was on pace to run a full 20 sec faster than I did in KC in January and that was at sea level so I am happy with how it went and feel as though my fitness is coming along well. Foot is sore but nothing out of the ordinary and hopefully changing my mechanics will take effect soon. On the whole a fairly successful weekend, at the end of a solid week.

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