Swim, Run, Trifest

So a few good things happened this past week, thought I might fill you in.

Went to the 15&U state championship meet last sunday to swim the mile. Yes I know I am well over 15, and I did swim next to a 15 yr old in my heat, and I did beat him to win the race, but I’d be lying if I said I felt bad since I swim with him everyday in practice. Anyway, went down to get a fitness check in the water and expected decent but not great. We did a long 3 hour ride the day before and the week leading up was all normal training. So gotta say the 16:48 I went at altitude was a bit of a surprise. In fact if you take the 8% conversion that USAT allows when submitting for world cup qualification that converts to a 15:28. Now that would be a solid mile anywhere! The rest of the WLR guys and gal swam well all dropping time and good with the results, while RACE kept pilling up sectional qualifiers and scrambling for plane tickets.

Then yesterday we the first running interval session of the year that was based on time. This also went surprisingly well with me being able to hold 2 x 1 mi in hte middle of the workout on short rest at 5:35, again at altitude. Felt good, form was good, although gotta say my foot is really sore today. Not too worried, take a day off running, keep workong on my mechanics and get back at it tomorrow.

Big plans for the weekend are that Lance, Jim, Kristen, and I are headed to Tucson, AZ for a bit of training and the TriFest ’09. Should be a good chance to meet up with Specialized and sort things out as well as hopefully some other good companies. Never ending game of schmoozing and gladhanding trying to meet the right contacts, gotta love it.

Should be a good chance to get some good riding in, although the weather has been great in Boulder, and a chance to get away for the weekend. Long drive…

Love you Tayler, get well soon Bentley!

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