Need shoes

Note to self never try and go ride without your bike shoes. Simple enough concept however, it wasn’t until I got to BCSM today for our battle in the pain cave that I remembered I had left mine at home and had to do an about face and another 30 mins of driving. Once I finally got there the workout was a tough start as I had missed all of warm up and we were doing repeats of 40 sec at 130%LT effort followed by 20sec recovery a bunch of times with some other longer intervals thrown in. The adrenaline of being late got me through the first 10 mins and then it got real rough until I actually loosened up. Didn’t hurt that I made an awesome playlist to rock out to! Followed it with an easy brick run and it was the end of a good day with a good speed session in the pool this morning.

Training is going well, planning on swimming at CO state swim meet this weekend for my first pool mile in exactly 5 years, should be interesting.

Good luck to the Hawkeye men who are racing at Big ten’s this weekend, crush it! Congrats to the ladies who broke a ton of school records last weekend.

Closing thought, I was driving to BCSM, the first time, today and I saw an old man working in his yard. Nothing out of the ordinary, all our grandparents do it, and then I thought I wonder how long it will be before someone over the age of 70 is doing yardwork with an Ipod bumping in their ears?

Go big or go home…

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