Test week

So this week was the long anticipated time would I would finally throw some science into my training and get some actual numbers to work with. Tuesday I did my lactate tests for the bike and then today was the run test. Both were very positive tests although the run was definitely a bit more painful.

The cycling test was great. Had a nice smooth warm up and then started at the right place, bumped it up by 25 watts every 4 mins until my lactate levels jumped by more than 1 mmol two readings in a row. Crazy trying to ride a bike while a guy is sticking your finger with a spring loaded needle. After the test it was concluded that my lactate threshold is at 310 watts. Which basically means that is the max power I could output for a full hour. Its a solid start but the fact that I only weight 71.4 k means that my watt/kg is 4.3 which is pretty legit considering my short history on a bike. Its the equivelent of a pro triathlete or a semi pro cyclist. Hey if I never figure out this running thing might throw it all into cycling see how that goes..haha.

As for the run that was different story. Not sure if I didn’t go easy enough yesterday, didn’t warm up enough, or just started a bit quick was did a false start on the test where my level of lactate was too high so we had to start over. Bottom line I was on the treadmill for 100 mins and by the end was cooked. The other thing I found out both in the cycling test and the run test would be if there was awards for heart rates, I would crush people. My LT hr for the bike is 180 and the run is 197, within the normal ranges but definitely at the high end.

I am psyched to find out some numbers to work with now while I am training and got some good info about the way I have trained in the past and how to improve on it. Then when I was done running today, took a couple hours off and hit the pool for a cool 6K. Nothing like piling on..haha.

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  1. Hey! I just read through your blog! I didnt’ know you had one. I love this! Keep it up! You really are living your dream! I’m SOOOO happy for you!

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