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Most SIEM systems provide dashboards for security issues and other methods of direct notification. Security companies have created actionable dashboards that can send emails to affected users. After a report is generated, the system then sends notification emails to the people that are logged into the system, continue reading here.

The Future of Network Security is Now - Whether We Like It or Not |  2020-05-14 | Security Magazine

Sometimes security products and services incorporate the idea of “privacy by design.” For example, Intridea now offers a dashboard that provides log-ins to specific teams and allows users to “clean” their browsing history.

The company also sells a scanning service that “scans for online threats including phishing, ransomware, identity theft, and other threats.” And all of this data is stored on servers that are “secured with industry-leading end-to-end encryption,” according to the website.

“We encourage security practitioners and end users alike to give privacy by design a try. While it’s important to be aware of companies offering these services, the fact is that good people get hit by phishing or malware and IT professionals and administrators always have the responsibility to ensure their users are aware of their safety,” Intego says.

And for some who don’t want to get involved with a typical security product or service, a third-party app is your best bet. “To solve the issue of a browser stealing your information, Apple recently introduced Find My iPhone,” says Jamie Walton, director of data and security strategy at the Web site CloudGator. “This service is free and gives information about your phone as soon as you log in to a popular website. It also sends an alert to your phone to notify you to provide a code to retrieve your device’s information. Additionally, I like to use Pinger and Silent Phone on my iPhone.”

Walton adds that “more cloud services and online portals” are being developed to keep customers up to date about their security status. Many of these products and services offer built-in backups and allow users to submit a password for a less-than-secure account.

Look for alternatives.

Managing business has changed in recent years, especially for IT security professionals. Even if you have an IT security management plan and complete a regular audit and risk assessment, it’s hard to predict when your customers will discover the security vulnerabilities in your systems. That’s why IT security companies like Qualys offer solutions that are easy for people to get their hands on and are free.

The public sphere has exploded over the past few years with many vendors offering free software and services like online scanners and online backup solutions, and we are seeing great interest in data security analytics tools as well.

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