Like a fish

After almost two weeks of being back in Boulder my swimming is finally coming around. Yesterday we did a solid run session in the morning: 4x 1mi repeats at LT pace. The whole thing took about 1:15min to get done got some rest and then headed to the pool for our long session of the week. We did just over 6k which compared to my swimming days isn’t crazy but as a triathlete is a solid session. Anyway, main set was 3×200 long and smooth, that felt good. 3×100 at mile pace +2 sec. I was going 1:02’s. Then 2×100 @ 500 pace+1 sec I was going 58’s. Then 8×50, the last four pace I was rolling 28’s. Decent set, then we did it again. Felt a bit run down but was faster the second time through with the last 4 50’s 28,27,27,26. Not bad for a tri guy, nice ot have a feel for the water again, and running has been going really well. Hopefully it will all carry over into the start of the season. Also, Jimmy, Kristen and I did a podcast for yesterday so check that out, as well as the article about the team on that site from last week.

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