Oh yeah altitude

I thought I had managed to get by my first week of training without really feeling any of the altitude change..haha almost. Everything had been going great until we rolled up to Chataqua to do our long run yesterday on the Mesa trail. Now the trail is hilly no matter how long you have been here but yesterday was probably a bit harder than it should have been. Ran with Jim and Lance, sitting in the back just trying to push through it all. I am guess my hr looked something like a 3 yr old with a etch-a-scetch, kinda glad I forgot my monitor. Kristen took a tough fall on some ice, but since she likes set backs as much as Duke fans like baby blue I figure she’ll be back in a flash.

Anyway, got my LT tests set for a week from tomorrow so hopefully will be fully acclimated by then and it will be great to have some real numbers to work with during training. Things are back to normal here, although still struggling without my girl.

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