Back in BOCO

Drove back to Boulder on Superbowl Sunday and have been readjusting now for almost a week. Leaving Tayler and Bentley was extremely hard, but hopefully it will be best for us in the long run. Being back has been a bit of a readjustment because of the altitude and I am actually riding and swimming outside again, but the weather has been great and it has been nice to do some workouts with the team. We had a solid one in the pain cave on Wednesday with a bunch of short VO2 Max effort sprints and then a long threshold effort, that left a mark but was a good test of my fitness. Gotta say between that, the running intervals yesterday and the swimming I feel like being in KC was nothing but a positive for my fitness. I am psyched to finally get my lactate tests done here in a couple of weeks as well as a gait analysis of my run which hopefully give me some more ideas about my foot problem but more importantly add some efficiency to my running. Things are good on the whole, getting back into the swing of coaching and training, fitness is good, just missing my girl. The team is starting to come together again after a bit of a lull and hopefully we can still solidify a title sponsor before the season starts. If you know anyone who wants to donate any amount of money, or interested in a sponsorship opportunity, send them our way.

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