When the race changes – nutrition

I’ve had a couple people ask me what are some things I do that help when a race changes at the last minute. Whether it be a cancelled swim like at Alcatraz the morning of the race, or a race being changed to a duathlon last minute, there are a few easy things you can do to keep your nutrition on track.

I am a creature of habit, plan and simple. I use the same race plan for every race, and have for the better part of the last decade. Because of that I know exactly what my body needs to get to the start line in good shape and across the finish line in one piece. This also means that I am fairly susceptible to a change of schedule or a major delay because my whole plan is based around when the race was supposed to start.

Over the years the biggest things I have learned are to always be a boy scout; and by that I mean be prepared for anything. Make sure you have extra calories in your race bag to keep you from getting hungry and some extra fluid to keep you hydrated. Starting a race hangry is the worst! For me this means having an extra flask of First Endurance EFS, as well as a single serving pack of EFS Pro. This means I have at least 400 calories of gel and enough hydration to load up a water bottle to keep me topped up. I also try and have a granola bar or something in my bag just in case things take a really long time. The other thing I always try and do is come up with a bit of a plan the night before. Its a lot easier to take a few minutes the night before when you are packing your bag and think what extra stuff might be nice to have, than trying to bum a gel off some other athlete while your wait out the thunderstorm race morning.

Most importantly do what the Kiwi’s do and stay calm, and carry on. As far as I know freaking out, or bitching and moaning at the volunteers has never sped up a race start, and its a waste of your energy and time. Its all pretty simple and common sense, but if you have at least thought about it a little bit, it can make the uncontrollable a little less worrisome.

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