Underground 10k

So this past Sunday morning Tayler and I headed just outside of KC for my first race of the season. While it was only a 10k run it was crazy how I still had the normal pre-race jitters. We were running the Children’s TLC Groundhog Run 10k, which is the world’s only underground 10k. Its a really cool race that they put on in a hollowed out bluff that is used by companies in the area for naturally climate controlled storage. The whole thing is a maze of pavement and storage areas but it is well lit and flat. So while it was 5 degrees outside, I was running in shorts and t-shirt inside in the balmy caves. 

This what the first of what will hopefully be a bunch of 5 and 10 k runs to get used to running faster and get a chance to run with runners. As was the case on Sunday I went out with the lead runners, and passed the first mile in a group of about 8 in 4:40. Might have been a bit quick because my slowest mile of all was the second, but I was pleased with my ability to work on my form and maintain throughout the rest of the race coming across the line in 34:41. It was my fastest ever 10k, although thats not saying much, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.  My foot was still quite sore the next day so I still need to finish sorting that out but on the whole I am feeling good with where my fitness is at right now. 

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