Props to KC

I gotta admit that when I first headed out to KC to spend some much needed time with Tayler I was really skeptical about training here. I mean its a city, its in the cold midwest, and its a city. But I gotta say after a couple months now it has really grown on me. I have been swimming with a great group, the KC Blazers masters team, which worked out better than I ever expected. I have been running on the trails around the city, there are two different parks that have a track surface path around that outside that makes for easy runs and there is a great trail that is about 6 mi long that goes through the neighborhoods of the town. As for biking the weather hasn’t been too bad but I have spent all of my time on the trainer. While it is boring it hasn’t been all that bad. Moral of the story for me has been do what needs to be done and everything has a way of working out. I needed to see my girlfriend so I came out here and now I am feeling great about my fitness.  I am excited to get back to Boulder and start training with the team again, but am going to miss my baby, and maybe even miss KC a bit.  Props to KC, great city, solid place to train if I knew where to ride, and great people. 

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